WEEK 15- Classmate Interview-Marie Mendez


This week I had the pleasure of meeting Marie Mendez. Just like me she is in her third year at CSULB and might finish with school in about 2 or 1/5 years. About school she told me that she really wants to get school over with. I can also agree because I am not a school person at all. She is twenty years old and she really wants to work with children. That is why she is majoring in child development or recreational leisure. She is quite not sure, which is something I think everyone is dealing with, including myself. Unlike me Marie is Long Beach born and raised.

other things about her is that she enjoys sleeping, eating, watching tv, and listening to music. She enjoys all kings of music and hip hop is one of her favorite kinds. Meeting Marie was nice and she seems like a very fun person to be around. So I wish her the best in the future. 


WEEK 15- Artist Interview- Troy Rounseville

20141204_110153 20141204_110204

This week I enjoyed Troy Rounseville’s sculptor piece. Just by looking at it you can obviously tell it took a long time to put the piece together. I did not ask but you can tell that it must have taken months or so. Anyway the piece was a combination of different instruments that were connected so that they can play by themselves. It is cool because it just shows how technology can even replace a person to play music. Even though technology can play music and replace a human being, it does not express the emotion people give when they play instruments. Yet it shows what technology can do a lot of different things. 

This piece was a pleasure to see and hear and I hope Troy Rounseville the best in his future works. 

WEEK 13- Artist Interview- Chase Wolcott


This week I enjoyed the piece above. I loved how the piece looked hazy kind of dreamlike. The first thing I noticed was the big tiger laying and then the two humans. I liked that the artists put different creatures together. Humans and animals of different kinds are coexisting together and just enjoying the beach. Obviously it is not your usual beach day because not every day you have a tiger or monkeys chilling with you at the beach. 

The haziness of the piece comes from the piece looking smeared, which I think fits a day at a beach. I also enjoyed the detail put into it which is a reason this piece caught my attention.  

WEEK 13- Classmate Interview- Kiana Lightborn


This week I had the great pleasure of meeting Kiana Lightborn. The first thing I noticed was her name. It is a pretty cool last name. I wanted to ask about it but I forgot. Anyway Kiana is an 18 year old Freshman at CSULB. Her major is a Marine Biology which I think is pretty awesome. I asked what she wanted to do with that and she just wants to study marine birds and like take care of them because she really loves birds. Some interesting facts I learned abour Kiana are that she was born in the Bahamas and that she has a lot of pets. For instance she told me that she has 4 dogs, 5 cats, 2 hamsters, 2 pond turtles, and some fish. It is a crazy amount of pets!  Kiana enjoys reading books, listening to music, and she also loves animation movies. Overall I really enjoyed my conversation with Kiana because she was very chill and interesting. 

WEEK 12- Activity- Teach One

For this activity I decided to teach my little brother how to draw block letters or numbers, in this case it was a number. First I started by drawing my old basketball number and then blocking the number. I then filled in to enhance the blockness of the number. 


I then gave my brother the chance to try to replicate my drawing. 


This was my brother’s attempt and it started out good. Considering it was his first time in my opinion it looked as good as mine. He maybe just needed a little more time for it too really look awesome but again considering it was his first time, I give him an A. 


WEEK 12- Activity Feedback

This semester during Art 110 I really enjoyed three activities and disliked a few. So my most favorite activity had to have been the spray paint. I did not get the chance to go to Venice but instead spray painted in my room. And no I did not inhale a lot of the spray paint.

20141109_21093420141012_201654 My second favorite was the one where we got to choose what to do. I chose drawing because it was convenient and I really wanted to kind of decorate my room. 

My third most favorite activity was the Instagram one. I really enjoyed looking at peoples’ photos of their daily lives. It made you realize that many of us go through the same things everyday. 

The activities that I did not enjoy were the landscape, kickstarter, and the counterfactual activities. For me the kickstarter one just did not appeal to me at all. The landscape one I wish I did not have a busy week because it did not allow for me to do something good. The counterfactual one sounded interesting but I had no good ideas. It was mostly just me and not the activities themselves that made me dislike some of them. 

WEEK 12- Artist Interview- TIMOTHY COOPER


This week I enjoyed Timothy Cooper’s piece. It really caught my attention the minute I walked in the room. The way the lights hit the plates is something I really loved. I also loved that from certain angles the plates looked like they were floating, but of course they were not. It is just the curve of the plates that gives the illusion that they are floating. The way the plates were placed made a shape of a (t). (x), or a cross, depends on which you choose. I liked it as an X, like x marks the spot. 

Just like every other piece, I bet this piece took a long time to put together. With the plates and aligning them must have taken a great deal of time. I for one would not have the patience but that is why I respect the piece of work.