Week 3-Classmate Interview-Jasmine Hooper

During class at the galleries I met freshmen Jasmine Hooper. She was very nice and a sweet person to talk to. Anyway as we were talking the fact that she is a mechanical engineering major is something that I found interesting because everybody knows that there are only almost guys with that major. So I liked that she is a girl in a male dominant major. During our conversation I learned that she once lived in the south, in Georgia which she told me she did not like. I have never been but I told her I would probably hate it too because it gets too damn hot there. 

As we were talking we both enjoyed Christopher Vavrek’s work with all the computers and mixed medias. We both thought it reminded us of an episode from the T.V. show “Girls”. That is when I learned that she enjoys watching a lot of shows like I do. 


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