Week 3-GLAMFA Artist-Christopher Vavrek


From the gallery, Vavrek’s work is the one that stuck with me. There were so many computers and different kinds of medias all kind of clustered together. It kind of reminded me of the 90’s because of the VHS videos and old computers. I do not know what he was trying to say but I still found it very interesting. But with all the computers and wires I just thought of “hackers” or “viruses”. That is what first came to my mind when I walked into the gallery. It was all just kind of retro and old, especially to our generation. 

Like i said it reminded me of hackers and viruses, it definitely reminded me of that one bad movies with Angelina Jolie which is obviously called Hackers. They are hackers and the movie is all about computers and viruses which stuck with me as I walked through the whole gallery of this work. 


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