Week 5-Counterfactual Identity Project

 For the counterfactual identity project I decided to dress sort of girly. I am a tomboy and I have always been one, so dressing slightly girly is kind of a big deal for me and for those who know me. I always wear boys clothes and it was not until my sophomore year of high school that I first put on girl jeans. So jeans are the only things that I bought from the girls section. 

As I am usually wearing just guy clothes, like basketball shorts and t shirts, I decided to wear a girl shirt. Even though is is just a girl shirt it is actually a big deal and discomfort for me. It showed too because when my mom saw me she had to do a double take. She could not believe her eyes. As I said, even though it is just a girl shirt it is a big deal for me. With her being shocked it proved how big of a deal it was. 

WIN_20140928_205941 WIN_20140928_210234

The left picture above is me wearing a girl shirt, which is not a big deal but my mother’s expression said it all because I am usually looking like the right picture above. 


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