Week 6- Featured Artist- Juan Martin, Isiah Ulloa, Angel G. Franco


This week I really enjoyed the Labyrinth exhibition. As I went to the back room I saw this manikin with a deer as a head and a human body. I liked this because it reminded me of a lumberjack. With the plaid shirt and boots it also reminded me of someone kind of hipster like. The best thing about it was obviously the deer head. It is basically saying that humans are really not that different from animals. It seemed like it was really simple to make but a really cool idea. Even though the head was the most obvious thing, I really like the idea that he put a plaid shirt on it. It made it fit with the head. 


This next piece was something I looked at as I was leaving the exhibit. At first I did not realize what it was but with a closer look, I realized that it was a person. It looked like it is a body covered in snow. It is just to show you that if someone in real life was covered in snow then it would take a double look to realize it is a body under the snow. With everything white it can make it just seem like a lump in the snow. 


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