Week 7- Activity- Painting

20141012_201604 20141012_201654 20141012_201724

This week I unfortunately could not go to Venice but I still got some spray paint and did the activity. I could only find small card boards so I could not fit my whole name. I instead just put my initials “AKD”, which stands for Amber Kandace Del Real. I really enjoyed this activity because I got to mess with spray paint, which is always fun. I am actually pretty descent in drawing bubble letters with pencils but with spray it is a lot harder than it looks. As you can see my pieces did not come out good at all but very crappy. Even though it looked crappy I am still kind of proud of it because I have never done bubble letters with spray paint. 

I did not choose colorful paints because that is really not me, so instead I went with the silver and black. And because I did this in my room I was afraid that the paint would stink up my room but thankfully it did not. Anyway, I really enjoyed this activity and it is probably my favorite so far. 


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