Week 7- Artist Interview- Vanessa Gamboa and Daniel A. Rivera Echeverria.

20141009_110042 20141009_110106

This week I really enjoyed a video by the two artists named, Vanessa Gamboa and Daniel A. Rivera Echeverria. Their video was about bonding between two human beings. The part I really loved is when they separate because for most of the video they are bound together under some sheets. They are mostly together throughout the whole video and when finally they are separate is shows how sad they are to be alone. This is true with everybody because once you have someone with you all the time and once they are gone, a person can feel very lonely, scared, and sad. 

This relates to humans and animals. People like having company and a companion. It feels like you are empty once they are gone. This is the reason why I enjoyed this piece because it shows how much we fear to be alone. 


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