WEEK 8- Artist Interview- Nora Ayala

  20141016_110224      20141016_110214           

 This week at the galleries my favorite was the Coming Out piece by Nora Ayala. It is a connecting chart that tries to help the artist about her sexuality and how it affects her. As seen above the wall was filled with comments and pictures that all connected with each other. It was really interesting to read the little things she had to say and how each one connected to each other. Some of the things she said were hilarious and some were very real. Just standing there you get caught up in trying to read every little thing on the wall. It was easy to believe that she really wants to understand her sexuality and how it affects with everything in her life. It is just like a few friends that I have who are still trying to find themselves and understand their sexuality. I think that is why I really enjoyed seeing this piece because I personally know people who are just like her, so I understand it.  



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