WEEK 8- Activty- Eportfolio

20141019_212822 20141019_223420

With my site I did not make a big change in theme because there were not any that I did not like, so I just picked a simple one. And I did not want to pick one that was really complicated. So I added a different page, “Sports” where I talk about some teams that I like. It is really easy to see because all you have to do click sports on my site. I did not know what to do for this activity so I picked sports because I love them and I love my teams. I put almost all the teams I root for so I put some pictures of them and below them talked a little bit about each of them. My audience is obviously people who like sports and especially some Los Angeles based teams. 

I wrote a little for each because I could probably go paragraphs and paragraphs for each one. With the teams there is so much to write about so I kept it simple like the theme. 


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