WEEK 9-Artist Interview-Myra Flores

                                    20141023_110236 20141023_110305

This week my favorite piece was the head of  actor Ryan Gosling. It was not just his head but instead he had on bunny ears and a bow tie. It automatically made me think of Playboy. And when I looked at the description that was what it was suppose to make you think. Just like Playboy Company depicts women, Myra was doing the same with Ryan Gosling. She did this to show the similarity of how men idolize and fantasize the women in Playboy, to how women fantasize about Ryan Gosling. People love looking at the girls in the playboy magazines as much as others who love watching and looking at Mr. Gosling. 

It made me realize that the girls in Playboy are very much like Ryan Gosling and other “hot” celebrities. They are all idolized and fantasized about constantly. 


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