WEEK 10- Artist Interview- Almira Nikravesh


This week I saw a really cool piece. It was a stacked square of pennies. As I kept looking at it, I could not help but wonder how long it must have taken to put this piece together. Obviously it must have been a piece Almira worked very hard on. It was called Honest Abe and the them was Time and Money. The Time and Money was something I understand because it must have taken a lot of time to put this money together. 

Just looking at the piece I also wondered how much money is in the piece. Pennies are the lowest worth of money and seeing all of the pennies stacked I could only think that there must be some kind of amount of money there. It might not be a lot but it is for sure not a little. The piece also stood out because the shiny pennies lit up with the light hitting them. It was a really pretty piece because of how shiny the pennies looked. It was definitely my favorite piece of art I saw this week. 


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