WEEK 12- Activity Feedback

This semester during Art 110 I really enjoyed three activities and disliked a few. So my most favorite activity had to have been the spray paint. I did not get the chance to go to Venice but instead spray painted in my room. And no I did not inhale a lot of the spray paint.

20141109_21093420141012_201654 My second favorite was the one where we got to choose what to do. I chose drawing because it was convenient and I really wanted to kind of decorate my room. 

My third most favorite activity was the Instagram one. I really enjoyed looking at peoples’ photos of their daily lives. It made you realize that many of us go through the same things everyday. 

The activities that I did not enjoy were the landscape, kickstarter, and the counterfactual activities. For me the kickstarter one just did not appeal to me at all. The landscape one I wish I did not have a busy week because it did not allow for me to do something good. The counterfactual one sounded interesting but I had no good ideas. It was mostly just me and not the activities themselves that made me dislike some of them. 


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