WEEK 13- Classmate Interview- Kiana Lightborn


This week I had the great pleasure of meeting Kiana Lightborn. The first thing I noticed was her name. It is a pretty cool last name. I wanted to ask about it but I forgot. Anyway Kiana is an 18 year old Freshman at CSULB. Her major is a Marine Biology which I think is pretty awesome. I asked what she wanted to do with that and she just wants to study marine birds and like take care of them because she really loves birds. Some interesting facts I learned abour Kiana are that she was born in the Bahamas and that she has a lot of pets. For instance she told me that she has 4 dogs, 5 cats, 2 hamsters, 2 pond turtles, and some fish. It is a crazy amount of pets!  Kiana enjoys reading books, listening to music, and she also loves animation movies. Overall I really enjoyed my conversation with Kiana because she was very chill and interesting. 


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