WEEK 11- Activity- Your Choice

clown 20141109_210934 20141109_210858

This week we got to choose what we wanted to do. I loved this because who does not like to choose what do. At first I had no idea what do to but I went with drawing. I was going to do photography but for some reason I ended doing some drawings. I am not a good drawer but I like to try and copy a few things. I did not want to draw them on a piece a paper so instead I drew them on my walls. I liked them enough to put them on my walls. First I drew Taz, The Tasmanian Devil from the Looney Tunes. I chose Taz because he is by far my favorite Looney of all time. Second I drew Wile E. Coyote because he is also one of my favorites. He is an idiot but I like him. And lastly I drew Sad Clown, which is a clown that has been featured on a lot of Atmosphere albums. Atmosphere is my favorite hip hop group so it was a no brainer that I wanted to draw the clown. Overall I really enjoyed being able to chose what kind activity to do and I am pleased the way my drawings came out. 


WEEK 11- Classmate Interview- Kim Tang


This week I had the pleasure of meeting Kim Tang. She is currently a pre-nursing major and in her second year at Long Beach. Whoa! I thought because I have seen how hard and tough the nursing major is and I hope that she achieves in getting degree. She is originally from Redlands, San Bernardino which is pretty far but she moved closer to be able to attend CSULB. Kim was very outgoing and seemed like a very social person, so I did not believe at first that she used to be shy and not friendly. But she told me since coming to college she became very outgoing and sometimes a little too social. During our conversation I also found out that she is half Vietnamese and half Chinese.

Kim was a very nice and outgoing person. I enjoyed the time I had with her and I wish her the very best in the future but I have no doubt, because I think she is very determined and will succeed. 

WEEK 11- Artist Interview- Wesley Hicks


This week my favorite piece was by a Wesley Hicks. The colors of the blocks was the first thing that got my attention. So as I went closer I notices that there were some sort of blocks with fur that seems to be engulfing them. As I looked at it all I wanted to do was touch the fur but we cannot touch the art. Anyway I liked that two different objects were put together. Fur is something that one would not think to put with a solid objects like the blocks. 

I did not know what the piece meant but it just looked like the solid objects were being swallowed and drowned by the soft fur. Also like buildings being engulfed by a sea of fur. I think that one of the artist’s point was to confuse the viewer. He succeeded especially with me. 

WEEK 10- Artist Interview- Almira Nikravesh


This week I saw a really cool piece. It was a stacked square of pennies. As I kept looking at it, I could not help but wonder how long it must have taken to put this piece together. Obviously it must have been a piece Almira worked very hard on. It was called Honest Abe and the them was Time and Money. The Time and Money was something I understand because it must have taken a lot of time to put this money together. 

Just looking at the piece I also wondered how much money is in the piece. Pennies are the lowest worth of money and seeing all of the pennies stacked I could only think that there must be some kind of amount of money there. It might not be a lot but it is for sure not a little. The piece also stood out because the shiny pennies lit up with the light hitting them. It was a really pretty piece because of how shiny the pennies looked. It was definitely my favorite piece of art I saw this week. 

WEEK 10-Activity-Landscape with a corpse


This week for the activity we had to do photography. My fear of dying is actually being shot one day. I did not have the time or resources to pull off that scenario, so instead I used sickness. Sickness is another way I fear dying because anybody can become terminally ill out of nowhere. I am no hypochondriac but I do think a lot about someday getting cancer. 

So for this activity I took a photo of myself dead in my bed. The cause of death was an illness. I did not know how to pull of a death from a sickness so I just tried to have a picture where I coughed up blood from some kind of sickness. 

WEEK 9-Artist Interview-Myra Flores

                                    20141023_110236 20141023_110305

This week my favorite piece was the head of  actor Ryan Gosling. It was not just his head but instead he had on bunny ears and a bow tie. It automatically made me think of Playboy. And when I looked at the description that was what it was suppose to make you think. Just like Playboy Company depicts women, Myra was doing the same with Ryan Gosling. She did this to show the similarity of how men idolize and fantasize the women in Playboy, to how women fantasize about Ryan Gosling. People love looking at the girls in the playboy magazines as much as others who love watching and looking at Mr. Gosling. 

It made me realize that the girls in Playboy are very much like Ryan Gosling and other “hot” celebrities. They are all idolized and fantasized about constantly.