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Dodgers had a fun season but ended in disappointment. Once again they were knocked out of the postseason by the damn cardinals. One game away from tying the series up and taking it to game 5 where Grienke could have handled business. It was literally lost on inches. Like they say, “it is a game of inches”. Two plays by Hanley and Dee that I bet that they are kicking themselves in the butt because they could not convert. But it was not just their fault. I think the series was lost because the Dodgers had no bullpen. It was their weakest spot and it showed, especially in the postseason. If anything they have to work on from now till spring training, is that they must upgrade the bullpen.  


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I love the Lakers. My favorite sport is basketball so I have been a fan for a very long time. I have been to many games in the past. Like every team I root for I am a very loyal fan. So these past few years it has been tough. But that is okay because as Laker fans we have been very spoiled. Five championships in the past fifteen years is great because there are teams as old as the Lakers who have not even won one. Anyway this season looks like it might be a long one but at least Kobe Bryant is back. it should be fun to see how he bounces back from a very bad injury.


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I actually do like hockey. People kind of look shocked when I say that I enjoy watching hockey. And no I am not a bandwagon fan. I have actually been watching hockey since around 2002. One day i decided to watch a Kings game on the t.v. and I really enjoyed the fast pace of the game. And especially the hits and fights. The Kings have been amazing these past three years because they have brought the Stanley Cup twice to Los Angeles. The first time winning it all in 2012 was amazing to see. The whole year was really exciting and I actually called it that they were going to win it all. And this recent championship run was unforgettable because of the 3 seven games that they had to win. I was a nervous wreck throughout their whole playoff run. I could not even watch some of the games because of how nervous I got. Anyway this is season is going good so far and I can not wait to see the rest of it. 


 Notre Dame v USC ncf_memorial_580

I love USC football and hate UCLA football. The Pete Carroll era there was amazing, minus being stripped of a national championship. Other than that it was really fun to see. Seeing Carson Palmer, Justin Fargas, a good Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, and Mike Williams was amazing. These past few years after Carroll left have not been great as they use to be but I have faith this program will get back to the way it was. This season they have lost games that they should have won. There has been bright spots though, beating a higher ranked Stanford was a good highlight. There are still a few games and the big rivalry one against UCLA.


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